Muddy River Nightmare Band in Japan
One day these four guys decided to start a band. So, they did. They called themselves the Muddy River Nightmare Band because Air Supply was already taken. It was cool.
They played some shows. It was cool.
They recorded some albums. It was cool.
Their music has never been mistaken for the sounds of Kenny G or Barry Manilow, although one time, a schizophrenic drunk deaf guy did accuse them of sounding exactly like KC And The Sunshine Band. It was cool.
One time they went to Japan and drank all the PBR they had on that small island country then left. It was cool.
Even as much as they have never searched, they have never found Elvis, but one time they found a nickel under the back seat of their van and grabbed it just as it was about to roll out into the street while they were driving on their way to a show in Seattle. It was cool.


Too Fat For Love CD Cover Too Fat For Love     2004
1. The Ass You Kiss May Be Your God
2. 1313 Mockingbird Lane
3. Super Barrio Gomez

Who Will Be The Lucky Pierre CD Cover Who Will Be The Lucky Pierre     2004
1. Tri-cities Death Pact
2. Big Men Of Rock-n-roll
3. The Ass You Kiss May Be Your God
4. Revenge Of The Surf Zombies
5. Standard & Poor
6. Hot Mama
7. Baggage Handler
8. Dirty Lies
9. Super Bario Gomez
10. Sacramental
11. True American Freakshow
12. Muddy River Nightmare Band
13. I Love Lucky Lager

Dirty Trombone CD Cover Dirty Trombone     2006
1. Go
2. Beer For Breakfast
3. By My Side
4. Revolution

Polish This CD Cover Polish This     2008
1. Go
2. Tough Shit On Fire
3. Richard Trenton Chase
4. Best Days
5. By My Side
6. 967 Miles
7. Zombie Doll
8. I Love Drinkin'
9. No Children
10. Amber In Black
11. Hidden Track
12. Dance of the Living Dead
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